About Us

Kodari Securities (KOSEC) has a unique approach towards investing. Kodari Securities understands that investing in the stock market requires a clear strategy. As an investor you need to compare different shares and understand how to buy and sell in the market. The stock market has no magic formulae’s to buying shares. An investor has to have the ability to equip themselves with knowledge. Kodari Securities is aware that the more knowledge an investor has, the higher their success rate. Kodari Securities (KOSEC) is one of Australia’s leading investment advisory firms. Kodari Securities (Kosec) and their expert team have access to in-depth quality research, company reports and announcements, company presentations, as well as the best tools and resources in the industry to guide clients. Kodari Securities (KOSEC) is committed to their clients to deliver the best result possible. As with all private clients Kodari Securities works to build a close and ongoing partnership.

Client Category:

  • Individual Investors
  • Self Managed Super Funds
  • Trust Accounts
  • Company Accounts
  • Joint Investors

Types of Clients:

  • Clients looking to gain access to high quality research and newsletters
  • Clients looking for advice and information on certain shares
  • Clients with little share market experience or knowledge searching for guidance on how to invest in the stock market
  • Long term investors looking to build a portfolio
  • Short/medium term investors
  • Sophisticated investors interested in:
    • Placements
    • Initial Public Offerings
    • Rights/entitlement offers
    • Pre – IPO funding
    • Share Purchase plans
    • Acquisition of strategic stakes

Our goal at Kodari Securities (KOSEC) is to achieve superior returns for our clients.