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Since KOSEC was founded in 2010, we have worked with tens of thousands of Australians to bring them quality information, our unique investment strategy, events, experiences and general advice. Those clients range from the sophisticated investor, to the novice and the beginner. Some have been clients for many years, some for shorter periods and clearly the markets have displayed different periods of boom, decline and plateaus since we founded. Also, it is imperative to us that each client has control over how they manage capital in their account so the performances are all heterogeneous. As such, the experiences in each facet of our service has been unique to each client. The best way to review our work is to sign up for a free one month trial on our Lotus Blue Investment Portal, attend an event or browse our website. The best way to learn if we can help you is to join, and hold us to the highest standards. We also have received the following testimonials from clients that capture their own thoughts about our services.

Thoughts from our staff

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What our Clients say about KOSEC

KOSEC always provides a very helpful service. They are a very proactive company and I enjoy receiving their calls which provide me with the most up do date news and information about the stock market.
KOSEC conducts its business in a very professional manner. Working with KOSEC has been a profitable experience for me. I like getting advice from professionals in the field. Their team of experts provide me with daily stock market updates and always ensure to alert me straight away if something happens on the stock market.
I like the daily updates on the stock market news. It is nice to hear from the professionals on the dealing team, as they can study the stock market more intensely on a daily basis than I can. KOSEC keeps me up to date with the stock market news, so the service they provide is very good. I like that they keep me up to date with the broker calls too. I also like the personal response I receive when I ring up to speak to one of their general advisors.
KOSEC is a very diligent company. They send out frequent bulletins, that are well put together and with a clear message.

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