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In support of our mission statement we have a core set of values which permeate everything that we do and these can be summarised as transparency, innovation and performance. Our clients are able to invest with full control, flexibility and transparency. We have no performance fees, no minimum investment requirement, no administrative fees, no exit fees and no percentage of assets are charged to us. Once a client pays for their choice of membership, every dividend and every dollar of capital growth is theirs in entirety except for the brokerage transaction cost of 1% plus GST.


We welcome clients to our Chifley Tower office so they can use our facilities like any other private club and welcome all feedback so that we can continue to evolve and improve. Likewise, clients, regulators, the media and third parties are welcome to attend tours and observe our team in action; no room is off limits and, save for protecting client data, our resources are here to be observed, analysed and approved by every entity in the market.

There are domestic powerhouses, international conglomerates and hundreds of boutiques operating in Australia as we exist in a crowded market place with many competitors that we respect. In order to carve out our place in the market over the last decade, we have constantly sought to innovate and add greater value to clients. Our social media presence, publishing capacity, improved reports and richer events calendar are all testimony to our view that to execute our mission we always need to adopt new technology and opportunities to delight our clients and attract new friends to our investment family.

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Ultimately, we exist to perform for our clients and provide them with a service that delivers well above our membership fees. This is psychological in terms of respect, dignity, care and diligence towards all aspects of our work. This is practical in terms of events, invitations, hospitality and information that makes a difference to the client experience each year. Finally, it is about providing the information and General Advice that allows clients to reflect on sound financial outcomes. Each account is unique, we do not currently offer an ETF or pooled fund product with homogeneous outcomes, so material performance is heterogeneous based on how clients choose to assimilate our strategy with their existing positions, capital allocation and flexibility of decision making.

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