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Our Gold membership service is designed to be the best possible general advisory service in the market. As a team, we are here to welcome you to our office, dine with you, bring you unique events, market intelligence and care so that you have greater confidence and enjoyment of investing in Australian securities.

Our unique culture and high standards have seen us collaborate with Kaplan Education, providing study material for industry professionals, and Sky Business News – Expert Panel, regularly providing general advice on equities to Australians nationwide. Our strategy and impressive track record has also led to being broadcast on the CNBC Expert Panel Australasia, Money Expert on Business Builders show Channel 7, and seen us regularly contribute to numerous publications including the Australian Shareholders Association (ASA), and the Australian Investors Association (AIA).


& Benefits


Work with our entire team

KOSEC allows clients to gain access to not just one, but an entire team of experienced professionals with a passion for the stock market to disseminate our centralised General Advice throughout the year. At any time from 8.30am-6pm AEST you may contact the team to receive a market wrap or an update on your positions in the market. Every analyst monitors a handful of businesses on the ASX300 and methodically studies them for any announcements, published articles, broker calls and technical indicators that might affect the share price, ensuring they provide research to help minimise risk and maximise profits. Our vision is to provide an institutional level of research, discussion and service to retail clients so that they can enjoy the highest standards of experience and care.

Monthly Research Report

Our monthly report provides an overview of the macroeconomic news across Asia, Europe and the US in order to gauge the sectors in our economy most influenced by exogenous events. We then filter the ASX300, giving general advice on companies that can potentially be the best opportunities. We publish a concise overview of their business model, operations, management team, growth prospects, broker calls as well as a target price and risk rating. This allows you to save time searching for the right opportunities, whether you do your own research, or get access to investment tools or reporting services, knowing that we have already invested hundreds of hours of researching on your behalf. By applying rigorous analysis of market sentiment, announcements and technical analysis we collate and evaluate all the evidence available in order to share quality analysis seeking to outperform the market. 

Sample reports: Click here for our March Report | Click here for our April Report


Daily Market Wraps

KOSEC strives to keep you well informed of overnight news and market moving events that might affect our Exchange and your positions. Daily market wraps contain videos of our Associates and Research team giving commentary and market summary of financial and economics news on the day, before and after the market closes. This ensures that it is an interactive service with quality information that keeps you well informed of global news and any major shifts on the ASX.

Click here for some of our latest daily market wraps.

Daily Investment Meeting Minutes

Every morning we hold a meeting where we collate news, research and announcements in order to gauge which businesses on the ASX300 are most likely to experience significant changes in share price. Within the discussion we evaluate the potential best and worst opportunities using an evidence based approach where we assimilate the daily developments with broader fundamental analysis, technical analysis and broker calls to identify situations where our General Advice is that the market has mispriced a particular equity. This is then cascaded across to our clients so that they can learn about this research, ask questions and make a decision about how to allocate their capital in the market.


Select Corporate Finance opportunities

Many investors seek opportunities to invest in select corporate finance deals such as Pre – IPOs, IPOs, rights issues, and placements. These investments are often hard to source without the right connections and would not be available to the average individual using a discount brokerage platform. Having a strong network, actively meeting company directors, attending industry events, associations and government functions, we are always looking for the right opportunity to bring to our clients. Recognised as the “Money Expert”, our CEO, Michael Kodari appeared on Channel 7 Elevator Pitch program, as an expert panellist with David Koch, where entrepreneurs and talented individuals from across Australia shared their business ideas.

Quarterly Lunch with Senior Management

Forming a long and valued partnership with our clients is an essential strand of our vision for the service. As such we like to meet with our clients several times throughout the year over a cordial lunch at our premises.

This opportunity provides KOSEC clients the ability to discuss the stock market, conduct a portfolio review, and perhaps more importantly, delve outside the world of finance, and experience that personal touch integral to a desired long and successful relationship.

To view the KOSEC Lunch menu click here

lotus blue

Lotus Blue Investment Portal

Our KOSEC Gold members are given full access to the Lotus Blue Investment Portal. The lotus blue flower perfectly symbolises our ASX300 filter because, just as the lotus blue flower grows out of the unrefined soil, our lotus blue filter searches through all of the stocks on the ASX300 to produce a refined list of the 35 most fundamentally sound stocks and that list is personified as the Lotus Blue Flower, the beauty that is produced after the filtration system has been applied.

KOSEC Investment Conferences

We host interactive conferences as an opportunity for investors to hear insights into the economy, salient market thematics and to identify interesting opportunities. These events are held at prestigious venues across the Sydney CBD, have complimentary canapes and drinks and are an excellent networking opportunity for investors to meet up with like minded peers, industry experts and prominent public figures.

– Complimentary only with the KOSEC GOLD Service


KODARI Magazine

KOSEC is pleased to bring its clients the KODARI Investment and Lifestyle Magazine. A coffee-style, high quality print magazine, tailored towards the high end luxury goods and services market. The Magazine is available in selected newsagents Australia wide, Australian airport lounges, downloadable from iTunes and Google Play and distributed directly to the top 300 ASX CEO’s.

– Complimentary only with the KOSEC GOLD Service

We are committed to bringing our clients the best level of service in the industry, a service that no other institution can match


- Michael Kodari, CEO

Our commitment to you

No hidden fees – No management fees – No out performance fees
No hourly consultancy fees – No administration fees – No exit fees




Work with a team
of experts

KOSEC allows clients to gain access to not just one, but an entire team of experienced professionals with a passion for the stock market to disseminate our centralised General Advice throughout the year.



Through our portal, website, reports and publications we bring to you the news, announcements and institutional broker calls which provide you with all the evidence you need to make robust and logical investment decisions.



Learn about select off-market transactions not found on execution-only platforms whereby you can invest ahead of the market. 


Education +

Through seminars and digital correspondence, we provide investors with the academic theory behind establishing a skill set to succeed in managing your own investments. 



Attend conferences, lunches and evening events so that you mix with industry experts, elite brands and like-minded investors through our unique investment society.