Do you want to build a share portfolio? Kodari Securities (KOSEC) offers you comprehensive portfolio management services for complete insight on the Australian equity market. Get Australian stock market reports from us and learn exactly which stocks you should invest in, how to avoid overpriced stocks and how to determine company valuation before investing in shares. Our extensive share market research and detailed stock market information and research lets you make worthwhile and smart investment decisions based on technical analysis and our private advisers are always available to address your concerns, answer your queries and save your time and money.

Kodari Securities (KOSEC) report provides a monthly market report with professional advice and information on the best opportunities in the Australian equities market. The stocks are carefully analysed and selected by our highly experienced investment team for making confident and informed decisions.

Kodari Securities (KOSEC) report allows you to:

  • Know exactly what stocks to buy
  • Manage your portfolio
  • Avoid overpriced stocks
  • Value a company before buying shares
  • Make precise investment decisions based on fundamental and technical analysis
  • Have a team of professionals save you money and time
  • Private Client Advisers are available to discuss and clarify information

Kodari Securities (KOSEC) report specialist areas include:

  • Energy
  • Materials, Metals & Mining
  • Financial
  • Health Care
  • Industrials
  • Information Technology
  • Consumer Discretionary
  • Consumer Staples
  • Australian Real Estate & Investment Trusts
  • Telecommunication Services